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Colliderix Colliderix is a great game in which timing is essential.
Double Panda Two cute little pandas are scouting the forest in a quest to find as many sweets they can! Control them both as you fill their bellies with cakes and candies!
Neon Rider An awesome driving game that combines skill and racing! Drive through the neon world and switch your car colors to overcome colorful platforms.
Abuba The Alien Help this alien named Abuba find his way home in this fun point 'n click puzzle game.
Avatar Doll Divine Welcome to Avatar design world! Dress and give your Avatar a cool and fresh look by using dozens of clothes and accessories.
Truck Loader 3 Take control of the truck and load up cargo using a powerful magnet. Plan the loading carefully on 30 challenging levels.
Bridge Tactics Place the bomb in the right spots and wait for the right moment. Blow the troops up and cause chaos.
Heavy Pawnage Pawn all the robots that face you in this fun shooting game. Use hi-tech weaponry to your aid!
Escape from Puppy Death Factory The humans are extinct! Now it's up to you to save your race, Explore the world and save the race of dogs from extinction.
All We Need is Brain Level Pack Get rid of those nasty zombies by feeding them with delicious brains.
Touch The Bubbles 4 It's a known fact that people love blowing up bubbles! Join a bubble blowing extravaganza, as you burst dozens of bubbles on various challenging levels.
Combat Tournament Use your epic moves and powerful combos as you slash, punch, and kick your enemies, choose between three epic heroes and battle your way to the top!
Paws To Beauty Choose an animal and make it as pretty as can be! Brush, wash and dress up these little creatures, because animals also care about being beautiful.
Red Ball 4 The fourth installment of the popular Red Ball franchise features a new cool adventure with brand new graphics!
Factory Balls 4 Welcome to the factory where only bright minds are allowed to work! Think hard and create various balls in different shapes and sizes.
StoneQuest A challenging water-themed puzzle game. Move the tile and collect all gems before reaching the destination point.
Magnet Towers Your goal is to stack pills of the same color, creating a tower. Clicking the left mouse button will create a fusion.
Causality 7 Perform various actions that will cause a funny Stickmen massacre, on a Coffee House, movie Set and a Circus!
Fly squirrel Fly 2 The squirrel is back to conquer the sky, with more upgrades, enemies and fun! Launch the squirrel and collect upgrades.
Varsity Jacket Dress Up Choose a cool jacket and apply colorful makeover to get the model ready for magical a day of fun!
Bird Blast Gun down all ducks! Use cool upgrades and achievements to enrich your challenge.
Super Model Nail Makeover Sit back and relax as your nails are being taken care of! Choose a beautiful nail polish and a suitable pattern to fit with your tender hand!
Subtle Energy Concentrate and enter the meditation mode in order to open your Chakras.
Rocket Rush 2 Are you ready for some real rush? Fly this extra speedy rocket as you battle to survive all the challenging levels!
Sushi Cat 2 Our beloved well-fed cat is here once again. Help Mr.Cat conquer obstacles by feeding him with ridiculous amount of sushi.
Heist Game Choose your car and join crazy pursuit missions on high speed!
Pheus and Mor Control 2 heroes with different abilities and use them wisely to complete the puzzling missions on all levels.
Freeway Fury 2 Do anything to finish the tracks in this wacky racing game! Bump and jump from car to car to win!
Mushroomer Gather as many mushrooms as you can as you avoid traps and pitfalls in this fun game!
Turbo Fresh Clear out the dirt! eliminate the bubbles Creating groups of three or more by using the advancing balls. Good luck!
Cargo Bridge Armor Travel and collect loot as you plan and create sturdy bridges in this wonderful game. feel like an engineer and help these knights become rich.
Zombie Shoot Kick the zombie head using various weapons and upgrades. How far can you go?
Barbecue Chicken Sandwich Everyone likes Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches, play and learn how to make one!
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 The fascinating animation movie is back and it’s your chance to play with all your favorite characters! Match all ingredients and achieve perfectness!
Frankie Stein Haircuts The mysterious is ready for her weekly makeover treatment, are you ready to show your skills?
Ninja Painter 2 Use your cool painting abilities to complete all the colorful levels in the game!
Sliding Jack Tired of bullies? A strange accident turns Jack into a superhero, use your super abilities to beat the bullies and save the townspeople!
Penalty Shootout 2012 Choose your favorite national team and beat all other countries on your way to the 2012 penalty championship.
Pretty Vampire Makeover Night has fallen, and it’s time for the vampires to strike! Help this cute vampire turn into a beautiful yet vicious creature!
Dead Paradise Enter a battle of life and death as you try to find a safe heaven from the deadly catastrophe.
My Emo Friend Dress up this cute emo girl with all of the hottest fashion brands to make her look deep and unique!
Monst Scare the pants off of these people as you play this hideous and naughty monster. Have fun watching them run about.
Leg Surgery Dreaming of being a Doctor? Operate and save a young boy with a serious leg injury!
Coastal Cannon Aargh! Fire up your cannons, it’s going to be a spectacular fight! Blast off all pirates on screen and smash them into smithereens!
Pursuit of Hat This creature will do anything to get his hat back. Assist him as far as you can before he tore himself apart.
Klondike Solitaire Gold Test your solitaire skills in this classic and stylish card game! See if you can finish the game before the time runs out!
Canoniac Launcher Launch the dummy as far as possible! Collect money and cool upgrades.
The Most Wanted Bandito 2 Bandito is back! Bigger, stronger and with many friends! Choose one of four skilled bandits and become the most wanted Bandito, again!
Thrill Rush 2 The roller coaster went crazy! everything is falling apart and other riders are falling from the ride as well! Try to get to the end of the track alive!
Giant Tower Defense The giants are coming! Defend your castle from the invasion by building defense towers on land and air.
Monster Truck America Drive the Monster Truck on different american bumpy tracks. Perform various stunts and take over the desert.
Water Mania Everything is on fire! Couches, Cars and even toilets! Be the brave fireman that you are and extinguish every fire! Just try to be echo-friendly and use as less water as possible!
Winter Runway Secrets The stylist of this poor model has bailed on her once again! Can you take his place and make her look astonishing for the upcoming runway show?
Sugar, Sugar Think you can get the sugar into the cups? Prove you can and achieve your goal in this awesome physics puzzler.
Bike Rally Try to ride your bicycle and avoid obstacles as fast as possible. Prove you are the best biker in this fun game.
Petz Fashion Prepare your BEAUTIFUL cat to model fashionably on the runway. Give it a good shower, pander and dress it, and help it catch to flash of the cameras !
Nuclearoids Explosions are not the same having different colors, sizes and forms. Check them out in Nuclearoids.
Extreme Girl Makeover This cute girl has real potential. Can you help with a full facial makeover?
LEGO Crosstown Craze A crazed racing game featuring the beloved Lego characters! Choose your car and take it to the racing tracks. Use arrows to drive.
Yepi's Journey Join Yepi in his newest adventure! Can you launch your way out of the hostile planet? Use you friends and awesome upgrades.
The Treasures of Montezuma 2 Look for the Treasure of Montezuma once again in the second installment of this match 3 game, search for the treasures by matching three of the same types.
Uphill Rush Perform different stunts and make sure you collect turbo upgrades.
Ninja Dogs The stealthy dogs are here to set things right! Use the dog's ninjutsu to eliminate the evil fat cat's threat and retrieve the scroll.
Sara's Cooking Class Key Lime Pie Sara is baking a key lime pie! help her out by following the instructions and create this delicious pie.
Moonster Safe Unlock monsters from their safe by solving different puzzles. can you let them all out?
Dethtris Will you survive the wrath of the gods? Run and jump as you try surviving falling rocks and collecting precious artifacts!
Intruder Combat Training Play a deadly intruder in this intense shooter game, equipped with real physics and non-stop action!
Emo Haircuts How cool can you make this emo girl look? Wash, brush, dress up and style your hair in order to look like a real emo!
Mortal Kombat Karnage Your favorite fighting game has come your browser. Choose from five warriors and begin the brutal combat.
Bubble Wheel Launch bubbles into the spinning wheel. Try to match the colors in order to create groups of three or more to make them disappear.
Flappy Wings It's that flappy bird and no one can stop it now, or can it? Flap your wings according to the road ahead if you want to survive.
Drift Runners 2 Drift like never before in the second installment of this racing game, conquer the tracks with your amazing drifts and racing skills.
Woobies Winter The new Woobies game, in a special winter version! Save the Woobies from a frozen destiny by matching 3 or more cuties.
Super Dancer Dressup Dress up the super dancing girl. Dress her up now, she’s all excited and ready to dance!
Dreams of Animals Feed the cute animals with the food they like! Move fast if you want all animals calm and happy.
Mummy Blaster Place the dynamites in strategic placings to create as much havoc and zombie slay!
Eggstinction Take various forms and fight off the evil aliens! Turn into a deadly dinosaur and use awesome weapons.
Cyclop Physics Help the friendly colorful cyclops find their partner. Change their form and manipulate the physics to complete all levels.
Orange Gravity Cut the ropes and play with chains and gravity to get the cute orange into the destination point on each level.
StickyLinky The Sticky Linky creatures just don't want to let go of each other! Create giant links and collect the Sticky Linky creatures!
Snoring 2 Wild West Use all the animals to wake this sleeping elephant in this wacky physics game.
Acorn Story When your beloved acorn disappears it is time to embark on a wild quest to being it back!
Bounzy Exterminate zombies with the help of physics. Shoot their big squishy heads and complete your missions with as few shots as possible.
Click The Frog Prove your agility and coordination skills in different challenges.
King Of Defenders Play as the king of defenders John Terry and take control of every ball in play using your head.
Broken Nail Crisis Oh no! You broke your nails, that is so embarrassing! Quickly without anyone noticing your managed to sneak into the nail parlor who'll save the day for you!
Pony Lover Spa Day Every girl dreams of having a pony! In the mean time while you wait for yours to arrive by air-mail, you can treat this pony and give him the best spa treatment!
Beauty Rush 2 Mary, Lucy and Jenny are getting ready for a special moment. Help them choose their outfits, accessories and hairstyle for this great event.
Makeover Designer Design different costumers by accessorizing them and giving them the make-over they've always wanted in this fun game for girls.
Ragdoll Achievement 2 Shoot, pop, twist, break, and do whatever you feel like to make this ragdoll suffer! Unlock more and more weapons as you progress and hurt the figure in every way possible!
Donut Decoration Feeling hungry? How about decorating the ultimate donut? Put some chocolate coating and sprinkles to achieve the best looking donut in town!
Aargh! Choose your captain and embark on a wild quest to drown all your enemies fleet!
Portal: The Flash Version Pass through 40 challenging levels in the flash remake of the famous game! Encounter portals, turrets and many more in this fun platform puzzle game.
Pegland Shoot the pegs in this thrilling magical game, filled with awesome scenery and loaded with upgrades and power-ups!
GTO Drift Drive an awesome car and drift like crazy on GTO drift game!
Stunt Dirt Bike 2 Choose from two types of vehicles: ATV or motorcycle. Select your favorite vehicle and race on the dirt track. Be careful not to crash.
Mad Arrow Deploy your troops to protect your country from bandits. choose from warrior footman to bowman and protect your country's treasures.
Adam & Eve Help Adam find Eve in this colorful paradise. Interact with items in just a mouse click.
Ragdoll Achievement Use all the weapons you can think of to blast and make the dummy pay!
Sara Rainbow Muffins Making rainbow muffins is the best thing ever! Learn how to create real muffins in this awesome little cooking lesson by Sara!
Bubble Buster Pop your way in another bubble blasting adventure in this fun match 3 bubble shooter game!
Epic War 4 The war is not yet over, choose a hero and lead your army into a war of epic proportions in this famous strategy action game.
The First Olympic Tidy Up Try your best to arrange the greek pots in the correct order.
Mushroom Madness 3 The animals wants to destroy your crops once again. Protect your crops by warding off those crazy animals, use violence if you must.
Zombieland Stop the zombies with your baseball bat and survive the land filled with the walking dead in this movie based action game.
Werebox 2 Solve physics puzzles by shifting the balls into adaptable Werebox!
Raft Wars Raft Wars is an addictive shooting game. Try to push everyone off the enemy raft. Use different projectiles to achieve your goal.
Vex Think you're tough? Survive spikes, traps and moving platforms in the challenging world of VEX!
Civiballs Solve different world puzzles. Cut the chains at the right moment. Select from China, Greece or Egypt puzzles.
Inferno 2: Meltdown Battle infernal blaze as one of the bravest firefighters in the world. Extinguish flames on different locations to save many lives.
World Basketball Championship Select your favorite country and achieve the highest score in order to become the worlds basketball champion.
Digital Upgrade: Decoded Fight to regain your lost memories by matching 3 or more creatures. Unlock new creatures and use powerful power-ups for your aid!
Dreamfields A magical farming game that features cute bears and epic dragons! Join a magical dream and meet various fairies and creatures.
Wheely Help little red Wheely prove his abilities by solving various riddles!
Chrome Wars Arena Do you think you can design the best robot to win the battle arena? Use various upgrades and weapons to make the robot better. Prove you have what it takes to beat your opponents.
Hambo Don't mess with Hambo the deadly pig! Equipped with bombs and other weapons he's ready to strike all his enemies.
Rich Mine 2 A mine rich with stones and gems has been spotted. time to mine these rocks and be wealthy once again!
Dragon Quest Embark on an epic journey filled with magic as you try to rescue your friend from the reign of the fierce dragon.
Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3 One of the most amazing platforms ever programmed is back! Run, jump and collect fancy pants in a colorful adventure world.
Demolition City Do you enjoy destroying things? Show your demolition experience while you blow up buildings. Have fun demolishing the city.
Vertical Drop Heroes Welcome to the vertical adventure! Locate 30 Different magical artifacts, 20 different character masks and 5 different heroes! Try free-play, survival and two player modes also.
Crush the Castle 2 The long anticipated game is here! More lands to explore, more weapons to use and lots more castles to crush!
The Golem Unravel the story of a magical Golem on the pursuit to discover his human side.
Caribbean Admiral Join a miraculous marine adventure, and become the one and only ruler of the ocean!
Milk Quest Help this naughty little cat do anything to just to get a sip from its good ol' milk in this point and click adventure.
Goalkeeper Premier Choose your favorite team and test your goalkeeping skills against the world's best players!
Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy Try to help Rupert deliver his items at Earl Grey's mansion. Solve puzzles and face the ghosts in the house.
Deadly Neighbors 2 Create your ultimate bad-ass family and fight them all in this fur turn-based battle game!
Earn to Die Drive over zombies and gather cash to purchase some awesome upgrades. Try to get rescued as fast as you can in this awesome distance game.
Flood Runner 3 Survive the flood Armageddon, outrun lava and great flood as you travel through rough terrain and battle monsters in the third installment of this awesome escape game.
Fashion Designer New York Become the greatest fashion designer of all time! Get your models and dress them up correctly for each runway! Can you be the best fashion designer?
Farm Frenzy 3 Farm Frenzy 3 lets you as manage your own farm as you plant seeds, gather eggs and buy new farm animals!
Mini Putt 3 Avoid the skeletons and collect the pumpkins so you can make a basket
Cursor Attack 4 You play the role of a cursor that needs to shoot its enemies to advance to the next level. Show your skills and beat this action game.
Home Sheep Home 2 Lead the three little sheep to safety as they travel through the hazardous streets of London just to get back home.
KinderGarten Can you run a kindergarten? Go for it!
Red Ball 3 Black Ball has stirred trouble once again, control Red ball and roll, jump, and bounce from places to places to rescue your lover in this fun platform game.
Home Sheep Home 2: Lost In Space Shaun, Timmy and Shirley are at it again! Help them navigate through the alien aircraft in order to get back home!
Bike Champ 2 Choose your preferred bike and test your skills on 40 action-packed levels!
Fruit Smoothie Prepare a tasty fruit smoothie for you and your happy family!
Ben10 Savage Persuit Use the four alien forms to help Ben10 defeat various enemies in this great adventure game.
Burrito Bison Revenge Launch the Bison unto the gummy bears! Use awesome upgrades and unlock new worlds.
Frogged A breakout game with a twist, and a cute little frog!
Speedway Challenge Join the challenging speedway challenge! Choose your driver and beat your fierce opponents on various tracks.
The Crystal Temple Play the fourth adventure of Fireboy and Watergirl, this time held in the hazardous Crystal Temple.
Pocket Creature Shakespeare Evil monsters took over your beloved planet! Assemble a team of monsters and defeat the invading creatures by using awesome upgrades.
Cat Shmat Cat Shmat is craving some cheese! Build crazy contraptions to make the tasty cheese get to Mr.Shmat, but be careful not to drop it, or else the mouse will get it!
Chromatronix Chromatronix is a great puzzle game in which you need to complete the circuits by guiding the Chromas to the correct spots.
Homemade Beauty Secrets Description: No money for the regular spa? No problem! There's a lot a girl can do to take care of herself! Get a hold of every day ingredients and pamper yourself to the max!
Lady Gaga Game Do you LIKE lady gaga?? We absolutely do and it's the perfect time to give her a full makeover treatment!
Red Extinction Control a powerful virus and annihilate all enemies! Attach and detach spikes,axes and powerful cannons to your body as you become the perfect weapon!
Diesel and Death Try to destroy your opponent and win the race.
Ellie Perfect Smile Ellie is at the dentist and her teeth are a mess! Try giving Ellie the best smile possible by using the right tools for this complicated task!
The Amazing Spiderman 2 Join mighty Spider-Man flight in the city! Use the arrows to collect coins, avoid obstacles, and stay in the air as much as you can. Enjoy !
Heroestick Crush your enemies while securing your own survival in this fun real time strategy game. Collect food and gold to create an army massive enough to conquer the lands.
Blinkz 2 Reunite the two colored blocks by removing other blocks on the screen, in this addictive puzzler!
Big Evil Robots Take down giant evil robots with your slingshot in this action packed shooter game. Pull some switch to expose your enemies' weaknesses and shoot them right on the core.
Bowja Ninja 3 Our beloved Bowja is back once again for another skirmish. solving puzzles and shooting enemies down are all part of this ninja's dinner.
Flying Candy Blast the flying candies and try to get combo explosions to create chaos. Use upgrades to help you achieve your goal.
Four Season Spa Day Come right in this way! Four Season Spa is officially open for customers! Treat yourself with the best products in the world, you deserve it!
Princess Makeover Every girl dreams of being a princess! Join a magical adventure and perform a full makeover job from regular to royal!
Rogue Soul Play as a deadly rogue and combine running, jumping and fighting to defeat all your enemies!
Zombotron 2 Shoot off zombie heads, in this second version of Zombotron. New levels, weapons and opportunities are waiting for you!
Conquer Antartica Control the angry penguins and fight against your enemies. Kill them using the weapons in your inventory.
Birds Town Shoot the birds and try to create combos. Launch them as good as you can in this fun addictive game.
Kamikaze Pigs Annihilate all enemies by using the most skilled and dangerous unit in the world- The deadly Kamikaze pigs!
Awesome Tanks Shoot down your opponents in this wonderful tank action game. Upgrade your abilities to deliver even more destruction.
Dillo Hills Help this cute armadillo reach the skies in this fun distance game. Roll through hills for even more height and distance.
Effing Worms Devour everything that comes in your way as you control a powerful giant worm, avoid bombs and feed your never-ending appetite.
Jul's Getaway Help this friendly alien escape from the nightmare of toys in this funny game.
Dead Zed 2 Gun down all zombies by using an array of awesome weapons. Try aiming for Head-shots as many times possible, for the ultimate experience and try surviving the Zombie apocalypse.
Catapult Madness The trolls are attacking the castle and our only hope is catapulting a messenger for help. Will you rise to the challenge?
Monkey Go Happy Embark on an adventure to make these cute monkeys happy. It only takes a few clicks to see their smile so lend your help today.
Hidden Alphabet 12 Look closely and use a magnifying glass to find the hidden English letters on each level.
Armor Mayhem Win the battle for survival and find a new energy source for the dying planet earth.
Little Ninja Your fierce ninja is on the job to annihilate every bad ninja on sight! Use your weapons or teleport anywhere in order to smash them all!
Nose Surgery Wanna be a plastic surgeon? Perform a real full nose surgery and join an elite unit of doctors!
Amigo Pancho Help Amigo Pancho in his quest of getting out of this arid canyon in this awesome physics puzzle game.
Gang Blast 2 Aim your gun and get ready to explode all enemies on the screen, leave none alive!
Drag Racer Drag race other cars, modify your car, buy parts, change internal and external look.
Super D Super D needs to save his friends. Help him rescue them and collect bonuses in this great 3D game.
Raft Wars 2 Your treasure is hidden deep inside a water-park. Embark on a quest to retrieve your treasure by using bombs, grenades and other weaponry.
Cats n' Fish Feed the hungry cat with delicious fish! Bounce him until he gets plenty to feed on.
Natural Selection Welcome to earth's nature, where only the strong survives. Play as a hungry spider and devour flies, while avoiding vicious predators!
Draka 2 No More Christmas Kill all the merry people to stop the celebration of Christmas. Help this vicious evil named Draka put an end to Christmas holiday in this addicting physics game.
Sands of the Coliseum There could be only one! Are you ready to be a gladiator? Step into the ring and destroy all your rivals!
Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack The famous Crush the Castle game is back with even more impact. Destroy enemy fortresses and castles with new and more powerful weapons.
Bug War Recolonize The battle between colonies have finally began. Gather your insect troops and respond fast to your enemy, Use your superior strategies to rise victor.
Combat Tournament Legends Slash, Kick, and perform epic combos to win the tournament. Choose a hero to play in this action-packed fighting game.
Roly-Poly Eliminator 2 Destroy the evil Roly-Poly monsters again in the second installment of this fun physics game. Use your surroundings to destroy them!
A Bonte Christmas It's Christmas time and the Farafallas are collecting dots for the decorations! Help our little guy collect all the dots in the right order for his girlfriend?
Red Ball Complete all the levels by raising the flag! Roll, bounce, and do whatever balls do to get the job done.
Chicken Invaders 2 The invaders are here! Use your awesome chicken shooting abilities to stop the horrific invasion.
Earn to Die 2012: Part 2 It's time to get these zombies once more! Evade the horde of zombies as you smash them and upgrade you vehicle towards victory!
Mario Star Scramble 2 The Princess is in trouble once again. Try to help Mario rescue her while avoiding the evil mushrooms.
Strike Force Heroes 2 Fight for your life in a deserted space station. Will you survive a brutal attack of blood-thirsty mercenaries out to kill you?
Max Dirt Bike 3 Sit tight on this motorbike, because this is going to be a hell of a ride! Do you think you have the skills to avoid every obstacle and overcome every course?
Notebook Wars 3 Unleashed A cool fly n' shoot game! Pilot an authentic classic fighter pilot and embark on intense dog fights!
Paintball Racers Can you beat all racers while being bombarded with paint balls? Drive fast and complete all challenges in the fast Paintball racing game!
Piggy Wiggy Feed these hungry pigs on 25 different levels in this fun physics puzzle game.
ARCS Defend your base by using your shooting skills and mercenaries you can hire!
OMG It's Friday Makeover OMG! It's Friday and you know what that means right? It's time for a full makeover before hanging out with friends! Prepare to the most beautiful weekend of your life!
Potty Racers 2 Become the world's best potty racer once again in this fun game. Upgrade your potty to become the fastest vehicle in the while wide world.
Box10 Atv A fun ATV racing game! Show your racing skills as you handle wild mountain terrains and dangerous terrain. Use the arrows to drive.
Mini Scientist Play the role of a scientist with a difficult task on his hands. Find various objects in order to fix the rocket. Complete various tasks in this awesome point-and-click adventure game.
Angry Birds Show these pig menaces no mercy in this fun addictive game. Launch this iconic birds in the air and beat those pigs to a pulp.
Pirate Launch A lonely pirate tries to overcome the hazards of the sea, help him by upgrading and launching him as far as possible!
New Star Soccer Learn the secretes of the free kicks masters! Aim carefully and blast the ball on its way to the goal.
Zombotron Shoot off zombie heads with a battle robot, clean the lands from the zombie threats in this fun platform shooter game.
Gem Cave Adventure Search for precious diamonds in dangerous caves filles with hazards!
Slug Run Are you ready for the ride of a lifetime? Ride, Jump, use awesome boosts and even dive underwater in this awesome racing game!
The Light Temple The second part of the clever game that follows the adventures of the elemental couple. Will you unravel the temple secrets?
Goblin Flying Machine Play as a mad goblin that wants to conquer the sky, help him if you may!
Jasmine And Jack Join this interactive colorful story as you find the differences between pictures to advance.
Colliderix Level Pack Play the classic Colliderix game with brand new levels of brand new fun.
Snowman Dressup Winter and snow is all around, so what's better than building your very own awesome snow man? Put on some gloves and dress your snowman as best as you can!
Cake Bar Work fast and satisfy all the impatient costumers with the best yummiest cake in the world!
Renegade Racing Join the reckless Renegade Racing and race against the world's fastest drivers! Perform stunts and collect cool upgrades.
Black Forest Cake Prepare a yummy Black Forest Cake!
Crash The Robot!: Explosive Edition Smash and crash the ugly robots in this fun physics game filled with explosive fun.
Into Space 2 Fly into deep space and conquer Mars in a cool distance game filled with upgrades and enemies!
Hell Cops Cops are not always good. They sometimes turn bad and start causing problems. Have fun while you destroy everything in your path.
Sparks Embark on a magical quest in the shiny world of Sparks! Match 3 or more gems in this fun Tetris-style game!
Kawairun 2 Welcome to the addictive Kawairun challenge. Run, jump and slide and overcome levels to become the top runner alive!
Cactus McCoy Cursed by the stolen green gem, help McCoy take his body back in this action platform game.
Successful Experiment Mess around with things as you perform experiments that test gravity and physics. Join the crazy experiments and have fun.
Gibbets: Santa in Trouble Grab your trusty bow and save Santa before it's too late...
Hit The Jackpot 2 Grab your bow and compete against people from all over the world! Do you have the keen eyes? represent your country with respect and aim like a pro.
Gold Miner Control the mechanical arm to gather as many gold nuggets as you can. Bring the treasure to the surface to complete each level.
Pets Makeover Take your pet for a nice and relaxing day at the animals spa! Wash, brush, clean and nurture your beloved pet to make it as cute and beautiful as you can!
Hollywood Hall of Fame 8 Choose one of 3 Hollywood megastars and treat them with a full makeover, including make up, make over and more!
Assembler 4 Can you get the green shapes into the correct position? Use various objects in order to complete your task.
Blosics A surprisingly addicting physics game. Blow as many blocks as you can out of the screen to proceed to the next level in this wonderful game.
Ricochet Kills 3 The third part of the addictive ricochet shooter is here. Shoot all enemies by using wall ricochets!
Super Trail Ride an awesome bike as you performs tricks and collect achievements, can you handle the heat?
Prom Shop Manage your own superstore that obtains everything a woman could buy! Give your costumers your best service and earn extra money.
Gluey 2 The blobs are back! Use strategy as you remove the blobs from the vessel, yet beware from overfilling the it with the cute blobs!
Diggy Diggy is on a mission to get to the center of the earth! Help him out by upgrading his digging machine as you find valuable treasures along the way!
Sonic Creator Design your creature with various features and show everyone your end result.
Bomb It Kart Racer Take your kart to a crazy drive in the most gorgeous scenes in this fantasy world! Avoid obstacles, Overtake your rivals, upgrade your kart and use many bonuses on the way!
Escape From Yepi Planet Yepi's planet has been invaded by vicious aliens, and his beloved Yepi girl has been abducted! Can you save his valentine and escape the menace?
3 Pandas Help the three cute pandas escape the pirate ship and harness their unique abilities on this epic quest!
My Dear Boss Your boss being too unfair to you? Well, don't miss this once in a lifetime chance of kicking him off the streets in this fun distance game.
Titanic's Key to the Past Explore the vast Titanic and discover its treasures in this fun historic point n’; click game!
Offroaders Race through dirt and road as you challenge racers in an off road race. Unlock monster trucks and perform long drifts to earn cash.
Moby Dick: The Video Game Play the role of Moby Dick and feed with various animals and humans. Become a legend in this fun game.
Donald The Dino 2 Description: Donald is back! And this time it’s his girlfriend who’s in trouble! Join a miraculous journey and save his girlfriend from the vicious caveman!
Trizzle Make matches out of these adorable little babushkas! How many levels can you reach before you run out of moves?
Gorgeous Bride Makeover Every bride must look at her best for her wedding day. Help this lovely girl get prepared for her big wedding day by giving her a full makeover!
GunBlood You've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?
Liquid Measure 2 Position the objects in the right place in order to fill them with water. Select pipes,pots and other useful items to help you achieve your goal.
The Ice Temple Fireboy and Watergirl are back for the third time! This time use their diverse abilities to unravel the secrets of the mysterious Ice Temple.
L.A. Rex Who's idea was it anyway to put this dinosaur in the middle of a populated area? Play the role of the angry dinosaur and consume the people, as they run away from you!
Birthday Party Dressup Dress up these two sweet girls and get them ready for a fun Birthday Party!
Papa's Pancakeria Will you help Prudence and Cooper open the best Pancakeria in town? Prepare pancakes, french toasts, and delicious waffles in a fun time-management game.
Blym Help this nice little gooey creature advance in this world of danger! Blend with blocks, avoid spikes and don’t get eaten by the bad guys!
Cupid Forever 2 Cause two young people to fall in love! create love arrow by putting together 4 different ingredients. Prepare yourself to be surprised by funny and unexpected results.
Rolling Ghosts The ghosts just want to get back to life! Resurrect them and remove all the evil ghosts from the screen!
Made In Mafia Do you have what it takes to be a mobster? Made in Mafia is a wild drive n' gun game!
Battle for Slugterra Grab your weapons and get ready for the epic Battle for Slugterra! Fight the evil creatures that infest your kingdom on this magical adventure.
Monkey GO Happy Marathon 2 The wacky monkey game is back for a lot more fun. Enjoy the game filled with wackiness and laughter.
Spongebob Dress Up Dress the cuter spongebob in the best apparel available!
Focus Gather your attention and focus on the game in this challenging platform game, survive different dungeons filled with spikes, and homing missiles.
Escaping the Prison Help the prisoner find his way out of the prison, by choosing the sneaky or crazed path! Use various objects to perform the task.
Raze 2 Gear up and survive on the world of hostile aliens in the second installment of the popular shooter game. Blast your enemies in this epic game.
Famous Date Quiz Answer questions and discover you true Celeb sweetheart!
Mini Train Position different pieces into the right sequence in order to keep the train going.
Flight Sandy is trying to send a letter to Santa. Pilot the paper plane in order to find him. Use upgrades to make the plane better.
Me And My Donkey Take care for a neglected donkeys, and provide their needs. Do it well and the donkey will be happy and love you back :)
Emma at Halloween Explore the Halloween holiday by locating all the differences in this intriguing story!
Battle Masters Select your favorite fighter and jump into the arena. Use great weapons, skills and spells to slay your opponents.
Blosics 3 Your addicting game of Blosics have upgraded once again to ensure an enhance gameplay. Blast through the bricks and throw the green blocks out of from your screen to win the level.
Downhill Snowboard 3 Select your favorite slope and let the fun begin. Perform different tricks and try not to fall.
Dad N Me Teach those pesky kids a lesson they won't easily forget in this brutal beat'em up game!
Bunny Cannon Shoot the cute bunnies from the colorful Bunny Cannon and use their magical multiplying abilities.
Mushroom Madness 2 The animals have escaped once again. Your job is to stop them from stealing the mushrooms. Use different weapons from your inventory to achieve your goal.
Miss Sweet Candy Miss Sweet Candy is ready to travel her sweet kingdom, but first she must look as beautiful as she can be before meeting all the nice gingerbreads and citizens of the candy realm!
Gravitee Wars Destroy your enemies by launching projectiles from one planet to another. Choose from various weapons, upgrades and utilities.
Larva Dream Follow this Larva's dream of making a flying machine and help him collect the necessary parts in this point 'n click game.
Donald the Dino Save Donald the Dino's family from becoming breakfast to the cavemen in this prehistoric world dominated by dinosaurs.
The Paint Gunner Use your versatile paint gun and rescue all your friends. Shoot green color jumping higher and orange to slide.
Zombocalypse Survive the apocalypse of the undead by slashing and shooting off their heads. use different guns and pick ups to survive as long as you can.
Sky Island An amazing platformer! Complete all levels dragging the screen and locating new hidden objects and platforms.
Monsterhigh Cake decorations This sure is one giant spooky cake! Choose toppings, flavors and much more sweet and spooky decorations to make your cake the best cake ever!
Epic War 5 War isn't over yet! Choose between three epic heroes as you embark on a path of blood, use your supreme strategy and undeniable strength to stand victor.
PacXon Help Pacxon conquer the land and fight the colored enemies.
Rihanna Makeover Play the role of a make-up artist with a difficult task ahead. Create a beautiful makeup for the famous superstar Rihanna.
Rich Cars 3 Drive and earn awesome upgrades as the police tries to chase you in the crazy streets!
Enough Plumbers 2 The cute little plumbers are back! Make your way to next level as you multiply yourself to a flawless victory!
Pony Adventure This little girl had her house running away from her! By the help of her faithful pony, she might get it back. Help her get home safely.
Insectonator Use guns, bombs, knives, deadly weapons or just throw rocks to eliminate those insect pests. Squish all the bugs in this violent shooter game.
Civibattle An awesome combination of strategy battles, action, and match 3 game. Match three of the same gems to create structures and armies vast enough to devour your enemies.
Monkey Go Happy 3 The monkeys are sad once again and this time they brought a baby with them. Make these poor crying monkeys as happy as they once are in this point 'n click puzzle game.
Bionoids Defend the territory form vicious aliens in this fun turn-based action game. Don't forget buying weapons and awesome upgrades.
Iron Turtle Iron Turtle is a platform game in which you need avoid traps and obstacles. Use switches and time your jumps to get to the end.
The King's League: Odyssey Create your own knight team and become the best royal team this world has ever seen!
Elephant Quest Help this elephant retrieve his hat in a magical colorful world. Explore and battle monsters in this colorful platform adventure.
Shopaholic Hawaii Take your purse along with you to a crazy shopping journey! Keep posted on the best sales and deals as you buy yourself the most stunning outfits!
Haunt the House You play the role of a ghost that places various items around the house, and your goal is to make all the people leave the house. Each person you scare will give you more power.
The Most Wanted Bandito The worlds most wanted bandit is on the loose, do you have the guts and skills the capture him? Join this amazing shooting adventure!
Blinkz Click the objects and get the cute Blinkz together! Use your wits and cool physics to finish all levels.
Amateur Surgeon 2 Do you have the skills to save life? Become a pro surgeon and use ordinary tools to perform various operation!
Roar Rampage Are you ready for some serious rampage? Control a giant monster as you rain chaos and mayhem upon the city!
Sketch Quest Draw some cool items and powerful weapons to survive in this world of sketch and embark on a grand adventure.
Cave Jump Gather chain of fruits to create combos that will give you special powers and bonuses, continue jumping to collect more fruits in this wacky game.
Icycle Travel across the icy wasteland naked on your bicycle and collect bubbles for points in this addicting wacky game.
ATV Destroyer Bump, crash and destroy anything that comes in your path in this wild and powerful ATV. try to earn all achievements by making some crazy stunts.
Capture the Castle Capture all the castles by sending and placing your troops to the enemy castle. You must act fast and think strategically to win.
BasketBalls Are you accurate enough? Can you shoot all the balls into the basket? Let us see then!
The Wok Assist this alien soldier as he retrieve the rare artifact from the hands of the his mortal opponent.
Freeway Fallguy Ray's got a death-wish and he's dancing on the front of your car. Will your driving skills keep him safe?
Red Ball 4 Vol 3 Roll, smash and bash in this last episode of Red Ball! It’s all up to you now - roll around the deadly factory, defeat the enemies and save the world once and for all!
Stunt Crazy Play as the world famous stuntman and perform crazy stunts to get more achievements and earn more fame and money.
Vehicles 2 Level Pack The bad vehicles are back and causing mayhem and mess all around the city! Play the role of the good vehicles and drive them off screen as you save the day!
Fire Catcher The whole town is on fire and you're the only one who can save it! Be the brave fire fighter that you are, using your axe and your hose to save town!
LabScape Draw your way out of the lab in this wonderful brain teaser game!
Rachels Kitchen Grandprix Cake Learn to make awesome cake in this kitchen. Follow the tutorial and perform specific tasks to create the grand cake.
Red Remover Follow the instructions of each level and show your accuracy and planning abilities in this fun puzzle game!
Formula Racer 2012 Start your engines and hop into the most exciting racing game ever!
Fractured What happens what a boy loses his mommy? Join a mesmerizing quest to locate your elusive mom. Can you make it through a shattered reality?
Animal Artist Make cool art work with animal footprints!
Poppit Stress Buster Enjoy this great challenging game called Poppit Stress Buster.
Gift Rush Help papa spider deliver all gifts to all his younglings. Complete 20 merry levels filled with gifts and cheerfulness!
Prizma Puzzle Challenges Use the prisms to solve some mind bugging puzzles. Complete all level with a spark of light in this fun puzzle game.
Dead Paradise 3 Escort the survivors to the safe, heavenly place! Shoot the enemies as their trying to destroy your convoy by using your powerful bullets and guided missiles!
Dummy Never Fails 2 It's your chance to shoot dummies once again. Hit your targets with the least shots or just fire a barrage in this shooter game.
Sonic An addictive remake of the classic game called Sonic the Hedgehog.
Give Up, Robot Join a challenging quest of one robot against a world filled with Disco lights and countless traps!
Awesome Tanks 2 Take control of the awesome tanks one again, and blast all your enemies to smithereens!
Dino Shift 2 Navigate your little Dinosaur through a lovely colorful world! A fun platform puzzle game where you can change your dinosaur's color to collect boxes.
Wild King The amazing tale about a king who though he was a king and his blue flying friend! Fly on the back of a shooting turtle as you defeat enemies and discover awesome new landscapes!
Moby Dick 2 Play the legendary Killer whale once again. Battle Pirates, sailors, and hot air riders while you devour octopuses, fishes, and even sharks. Get bigger and faster to survive.
Me and the Key 3 These elusive penguins are not going to give you the key that easily! Try and find the key each time to go from one level to another!
Firebug Complete all levels before this poor firebug burns everything to a crisp in this fun challenging game.
Help Me This is a story of a cute alien that tends to get into trouble and his 3 friends that keep pulling him out of trouble.
Flight Of The Hamsters Do you think hamsters can fly? Play this awesome game and see for yourself. Make them fly and use different upgrades as perks.
Coaster Racer 2 Coaster Racer is back! Now you can drive bikes and even more tracks. Complete all 10 tracks to become the ultimate champion.
Summer Before College Makeover You're about to start college! How exciting is that? What's better than building up a better image for yourself for this fresh new start? Let the makeover begin!
Zombie Demolisher It’s time to destroy some zombies! Use this highly destructive wrecking balls and blast your way through these brain-eating zombies!
Herotopia Create your ultimate superhero, make friends, play fun games, and rescue the Smighties, the small but mightiest heroes in the universe!
Demolition City 2 This is the second episode of Demolition City. Destroy buildings using various items in your inventory. Demolish everything in this fun game.
Ellie's Perfect Baby Ellie and her husband got a new baby! Help them out by collecting baby products and nursing their little cute kid! Bath, clean and dress up this cutie!
Jim Loves Mary 2 Jim and Mary only wants to be together, but alas! their parents want them apart! Can you get them be back together, overcoming all the obstacles along the way?
Farm Frenzy 2 The second installment of the addicting farm game is back. Take care of your animals and protect them from rabid wildlife in this fun time management farm game.
Bubbles Extreme Bubble your life with upgrades, bombs and Extreme game-play!
e7 Luke is a little probe that arrived to a new mysterious planet. Can you solve all riddles and dismantle the horrific e7 bomb?
Neil the Nail Nothing personal, but this nail has had enough of all the hammering, help Neil in this point 'n clock adventure.
Monkey Go Happy 2 Help these cute monkeys get their ultimate happiness in the second installment of this fun puzzle game!
Bloomo: A Submarine Adventure Dive underwater with a super cool submarine to retrieve a gentle and rare flower!
Sieger Use different cannon balls to destroy the enemy's castle. Each of the three projectiles have various advantages and disadvantages.
Fashionista Faceoff Compete against the worlds finest fashionistas in the most anticipated Fanshionista Face off. Do you have what it takes to be the champ?
Sticky Blobs Can you overcome 80 levels of challenging star and fuel collecting? Help the Blobs before it's too late.
Apple Boom These hedgehogs will sure do almost anything to get rid of fruits! Blow them up in order to demolish every fruit on sight!
Touch The Bubbles 3 Gather as many bubbles as you can and try to avoid various obstacles and platforms. Prepare yourself for a great action bubble game.
Sugar, Sugar 2 The sugar frenzy is back once more and it's trickier than ever before! Can you gather enough sugar for every cup?
Hot Dog Bush Help bush earn money
Honey Trouble Play this awesome skill game in which you need to help the little bear eat the honey.
Humaliens Battle Choose between Humans or aliens and battle across different platforms against the opposing side in this amazing action game.
Jelly Escape An addictive retro-themed game. Overcome various levels as you collect gold and avoid dangerous traps.
Exploders Choose your favorite hero, including Yepi the alien and use numerous bombs and upgrades to bomb all opponents on the screen!
Shop Empire Create the biggest shopping emporium in the world. upgrade shops and make the customers happy to gain reputation and earn more cash.
Bomb It 3 Blast your enemies for the third time in this fun bombing game. Get power-ups and ride vehicles for even more destructive power.
Spiters Annihilation 2 The evil Spiters hate kittens more than anything else in the world! Smash, burn and annihilate them all, thus saving the poor cats!
The Forest Temple The game that started the series! Enter the enigmatic forest temple and battle its secrets and puzzles with your abilities.
Ragdoll Remake Aim and shoot the ragdolls so they hit the targets. Complete each level and prove you can beat this skill game.
Red Menace Test your knowledge and skills against Russian scientists in this awesome physics game.
Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! Protect your gems from the curse. Defend it against hordes of enemies, strategically place your troops to gain advantage.
Mutant Fighting Cup Train and get your mutant ready for the epic Mutant Cup competition where only the strong survives!
Bob The Robber Get ready to loot the Mafia! Help Bob the robber in this awesome adventure!
Soccer Balls The ref got on your nerves? Kick him then! Aim your soccer ball carefully and hit the ref overcoming obstacles along the way.
Frogtastic 2 It's time to find prince charming! Mix various items and create the perfect magical potion that will break the prince curse.
Snail Bob 3 Help good ol' Snail Bob in his third adventure! Control his journey and help him avoid all the hazards that await.
Magical Glory Shoot arrows and cast mighty spells to defense your fort! Can you stand strong in front of the none-stopping attack waves?
Ninja Land Our hero and his lovely princess lived happily in their castle, until one day vicious ninjas kidnapped her! Join a miraculous journey to save her from her kidnappers!
Desktop Racing 2 Desktop Racing is back, for the second time! Drive more cars, earn more upgrades and perform crazy stunts.
Pet Fashion Contest Pet fashion contest is on! Dress your pets and make them perfect for the big contest.
Youda Safari Manage your own Safari. Plan the visitors attractions and give them special zoological tours until they're fully satisfied!
Angry Gran Run: Cairo Angry Gran is here to hit the streets once more, only this time she's in Egypt! Run through the narrow streets, avoid enemies and fight Egyptian punks!
Shopping City It is time to put your entrepreneur skills to work. Build and operate shops to earn money. Use the funds you collect to upgrade your business.
Vehicles 2 The fun physics game that combines cool cars and challenging puzzles. Use the good cars to get rid of the misbehaved vehicles.
Awesome Planes Get ready aerial action and deadly dog-fights as you control the illusive awesome planes!
Cloudy Bubbles Beware of the cloudy bubbles! Once you start popping bubbles you won't stop!
Dino Quake Control a powerful dinosaur and knock your enemies out by using your brute force!
Tarzan Ball A challenging skill-based physics puzzler. Grab objects using your sticky arm and move yourself into the target on each level.
Bouncing Balls Do you like matching games? Create groups of three or more by using the advancing balls. Aim and shoot carefully to avoid getting stuck.
Deep and Blue Discover nature's true beauty below sea level by controlling a big friendly whale.
Rocket Santa Being on the moon isn't an excuse for Santa, help Santa fly his rocket to reach the moon and deliver the gifts.
Bratz Makeover It is time to show your make-up skills. Give the Bratz a complete makeover.
Ben 10 BMX Use your BMX skills and race against Kevin, will you win?
Monsters Den: Chronicles Form a balanced group and embark on wild questing in dangerous dungeons filled with treasures!
Snail Bob 2 Our slow beloved snail has once again hit the road in this fun puzzle game. use your mouse to interact with objects and keep our snail safe.
Mystery IQ Test You wake up in a mysterious place without a clue how you got there. Were you abducted, or are you stuck in a twisted mind game?
Modern Goddess Makeover Every girl is a queen, and queens should be treated appropriately! Get the ultimate makeover for yourself, you gorgeous goddess!
Valentine Pizza: Sara's Cooking Class Follow Sara's instructions, and make the perfect pizza for valentines day!
Bomber at War Blast your enemies in the air with this powerful bomber. Fight against fighter planes and bombers and destroy them all!
Bistro Stars Join the elite team of the bistro stars! Match burgers, fries and delicious pizzas to complete all the orders in time.
Accurate Boy Use a plunger gun and save your favorite toy ship! Be accurate or it will be lost forever!
Virtual Date Practice your pick up lines and try to find your true love in this dating simulation.
CycloManiacs 2 The Cyclo King is back to save the princess from those cunning Ninjas. Race through 39 challenging tracks and unlock 50 riders in this action-packed racing game.
Paint World Use the special abilities of the colorful blurbs, to save your frozen friends on Paint World!
Gunball 2 Emperors Revenge Battle the evil kings forces and fight your way to face the himself. Improve your skills to become more powerful in the second installment of Gunball.
Color Theory Navigate through different colorful levels in order to beat the game. Choose the best route to get to the end.
Woobies Save the Woobies before they get smashed by the big block. Prove you can save them in this fun matching game.
The Guardian Chapter 2: Lantern Of Nightmares The vicious demon has enslaved all the villagers in Reverie! Now it's up to our hero, to collect the legendary Lantern Of Nightmares in order to save the poor people of Reverie!
Penguin Diner 2 The diner is upen for business again, this time with more costumers, more restaurants and cool upgrades, are you ready?
Skyscraper Defence Battle and protect your skyscraper with use of battle cards in this fun defense game, Choose between two bad-ass faction and fight for dominance.
Papa's Wingeria Control a restaurant and fry the world's most tasty wings! Can you keep your costumers happy?
Tokio Hotel The time has come for you to create an awesome make over for the Tokio Hotel. Prove you have the skills to do it in this great game.
Eggz Blast Take your aim at these colorful eggs and blow them all! Clear the screen in the given time frame in order to win!
Elf Archer The evil monsters kidnapped the princess! Grad your trusty bow and slay show no mercy on your rescue quest.
Earn to Die 2012 The popular game is back, with a vengeance! Smash all the gruesome zombies with a vast selection of cars and weapons.
Beauty Facial Makeover Give the lovely girl a full beauty facial makeover! Will you make her glamorous and beautiful?
Coaster Racer Drive your car in various 3D tracks. Upgrade every aspect of your vehicle and create the perfect racing car, on your way to championship!
Animals Home Free Welcome to the grand show! Someone locked up all the animals and it's time to save them by matching tiles and crafting magical keys!
Future Buddy Do you love puzzlers that feature cutting ropes with cute creatures? Say hello to future buddy!
Papa's Burgeria Run Papa Louie's burger shop. Provide service to the many costumers and prepare their costumed orders to keep everyone satisfied and well-fed!
Burrito Bison Launch the bison to the Gummi heaven.
Snail Bob 5 Join once more to our beloved hero Snail Bob in his journey! Click the items around you and collect starts as you move along in this enchanted world of his!
3 Pandas 2 The Pandas are back! Lead the 3 cute animals through various challenges and traps in their newest escape adventure.
Monster Truck Demolisher Destroy every vehicle that stands in your path to victory. Create huge explosions to cause mayhem.
Wake Up the Box 5 Can you wake up the box, the fifth time? Use various objects and the power of gravitation to wake up everyone.
Bob The Robber 2 Help Bob the robber rob everything, using his special skills and perks!
Potty Racers 3 Upgrade your potty to be the top racer once again, Turn your potty into a plane, a rocket, or even a spaceship in this fun game.
Alter The main hero of the game is alone after a devastating earthquake. Use his ability of making objects bigger or smaller to do good or evil.
Kings League Earn the kingdom through blood and blades in this action packed game of strategy and skill. Deploy a massive army to overcome your opponents.
Mahjongg Dimensions Unblocked Angry red Frank has taken all of the cute Cubies captive. Can you help unlocking them by matching the tiles on each level?
Jacksmith A wonderful crafting game! Design swords, bows, shields, and many cool weapons in an addictive blacksmith game.
Runner Run as fast as you can, jumping over buildings, obstacles and trying to achieve the ultimate distance record.
Drawfender The bad guys are after you no matter where you go! Draw objects in order to block their attacks as you travel the world!
Flaming Zombooka 2 Aim carefully and use awesome weapons to blast all the zombies in this fun physics shooter!
Daily Life 2 Eat, sleep, study and earn a respectable job on the second installment of the game of life!
Gravity Duck 2 Get the golden egg no matter what it takes. Play with gravity and avoid hostiles in this world filled with spikes.
Bowja the Ninja 2 Our stealthy is archer is back with more targets to shoot. Fight a whole lot of opponents in this fun point 'n click action game!
Absorption Absorb items and blocks to find your way out of this maze in this challenging puzzle platform game.
Death Lab Obliterate all enemies on the screen! Use strategy planning and various upgrades to clear each level, in this addictive action game.
Icy Gifts 2 Blow up cool gifts and create awesome and beautiful chain reaction explosions!
Little Life Prove your worth to others by being a small and wealthy creature. collect crystals on this colorful platform adventure.
Hobo Brawl Play as an angry Hobo and beat everyone up for no apparent reason in this fun beat 'em up game.
Learn 2 Fly The ambitious birds are back once again to attempt to fly. Help them go the distance in this popular game.
Bloons Tower Defense 5 The addictive tower defense game is here! Build towers and lace them wisely in order to protect your turf.
Mahjongg Dimensions Enter the addictive world of Mahjongg Dimensions. Battle a 3 dimensional Mahjong challenge that will keep you glued to your seat!
Battle Gear Choose the country you want to fight for and try to take over the world in this awesome strategy game.
Miracle Hairdo Help Repunzel make her hair pretty and stylish especially for prince charming.
Goodgame Big Farm Manage your uncle's farm and use your skills to turn it into a lucrative business!
Frankentory Help the Frank escape the Frankentory. Find your way inside the mysterious lab and solve all puzzles.
Stunt Master Take your pick from a range of options and join the challenge with cool stunts that only the pros can perform!
Uphill Rush 4 Prove to the world that you deserve to be on top by winning the tournament once again. Race uphill and reach the top on various vehicles.
Bloons Tower Defense 4 The amazing tower defense is back for the fourth time. Stop the wave of balloons from reaching your base by shooting them down.
Sprout You are a small seed in a magical world and your goal is to reach the forest. Interact with various friends along the way.
Wedding Shoppe Wedding shops can be very lucrative sometimes. Manage your own Wedding Shop and keep the happy brides satisfied.
Beauty Resort 2 Manage once again the famous Beauty Resort. Do whatever it takes to successfully manage this busy and intense work.
Monkey Gems Help BenBen the cute monkey! Match at least 3 colorful gems as you survive the menace of the snakes.
Heroes Battle 5 Lead thousands of warriors to victory! Choose from 4 different scenes and become the ultimate warrior.
Starlight Xmas It's magic time...Marry Christmas everyone!
A Tale Of Colours Explore a vast world, filled with colors, adventures and treasures!
Flight 3D Aerobatics Training Think you can fly? Grab the stick and fly through rings a tough aerobatics challenge. Don't forget checking your fuel meter and you'll crash.
Overtorque Stunt Racing Take your super car into a wild ride through many challenging courses. Upgrade and modify it in order to overcome these tricky turns!
Dune Buggy Drive the ultimate Dune Buggy and rule the sandy terrain!
Quad Trials Drive fast n' wild as you battle dirt, water and dangerous terrain! Will you complete all the trials?
American Racing Start your engines and get ready for a good old fashioned American Racing! Will you become the ultimate champ?
Drago Adventure Your task is to help Drago save a village from the evil enemy king. Prove you can help Drago in this addictive platform game.
Ninja and Blind Girl 2 Use the powers of of different companions and defend the blind girl at any cost! Launch deadly spells and smite your enemies with powerful weapons.
Yepi Forever Poor yepi suffers an accident with his spaceship. Can you guide him through the mysterious planet and help him unravel the mystery?
Bad Teeth Nobody likes to go to the dentist, but it's the only way to keep that smile fresh and gorgeous! Get yourself treated and step out of that clinic with the greatest smile!
IQ Ball Measure your IQ in this challenging puzzle game. Try completing each level with the least clicks to be labeled genius.
Youda Sushi Chef Manage an authentic Japanese Sushi restaurant. Keep the orders flowing to keep your costumers satisfied and happy!
Dolphin Pop Pop matching clusters of 3 or more balls and get rid of all before they reach the horrible end!
Cloudy Set your paper plane and learn how to sail with the wind in this fun flying physics-based game.
Elemental Balance Solve clever puzzles by using all four elemental powers in this addictive physics game.
Kaboomz 2 Shoot projectiles from your awesome cannon and pop red balloons, on your way to frying the helpless blue ones.
Snail Bob Bob is a small snail that moves a little too slow. Guide him to the end of his path.
Vex 2 The challenging platformer is back, with a vengeance! More traps, more action and lots more ways to die! Will you survive the vexation?
Frog Dares Explore the awesome world filled with colors abound with many adventures as this Frog dares to go out of his comfort zone!
Civiballs 2 This is the second episode of the famous Civiballs game. Discover ancient cultures while you complete different challenges and puzzles.
Bomb Runner Shoot your mighty ball from your spaceship in order to save the galaxy! Collect space coins and upgrade your ship as you fight epic bosses!
Combat Hero Adventures Help Max get the revenge he so deserve in this fun game. wield powerful weapons and play different modes to realize that revenge is indeed sweet.
Dress Up Yepi Ever wanted to play and dress Yepi up? Now you can, in this adorable Yepi dress up game! Choose outfits, accessories and cool planets!
Governor of Poker 2 Welcome to the wild west. Do you have the skills to become a new poker tycoon against the world's sharpest players?
I Saw Her Standing There Run away from your one and only zombie true love, will you survive?
My Cute Pets 2 Your pets are in need of your attention once again. Feed them, play with them, and give them love in this pet sim game.
Splitman 2 Split yourself as many times needed in order to solve 36 mind-breaking levels, on Splitman 2!
School Bus You've always thought that driving a school bus is easy and boring... well think again! Drive fast and safe and keep the students on time in this fun game.
Jungle ATV Drive your ATV through rough jungle terrain and numerous obstacles! Try not crashing in 10 different levels. Use Arrows to drive.
Fruit Defense Defend your fruit base by using powerful weapons, structures and upgrades. Survive and create a stronger army as you advance.
Crazy Cat Lady Makeover Eliza and her awesome new cat are going to the beauty salon today! Wash, brush and preform a full makeover on this happy little couple!
Dead Zed Eliminate all the zombies as you try to survive. Gun them down one by one or all at once just to protect your territory from this ravage zombies.
Out of Wind A fun physics game. Place the gears on various locations to keep the wind flowing.
Greens Survive only when Reds Die Lead your race to survive in the battle between Reds and Greens. Use your strategies and platforming skills to see that all Reds are dead.
Truck Loader 4 Truck Loader is back again to do his favorite job once more - load the cargo up the rushing truck! Take control over truck loader and solve each puzzle carefully!
We Are Friends Keep your friendship from falling apart and together find your way out in this place filled with traps in this awesome point 'n click game.
Ashes 2 Ashes: Zombies! Combine Cricket and Zombies in one addictive sport game! Use your batting abilities to slay all the zombies!
Yepi Penalty Shootout Choose your favorite national team and get ready for the ultimate Yepi penalty championship! Score and defend your goal to win.
Sara Pizza Burger Ever dream about eating a combination of pizza and hamburger? Well wait no more! Get your cooking gloves and learn how to make the best Pizza Burger!
Pikachu Dress up Ever dreamed of dressing up Pikachu? Here's your chance in our new Pokemon Dress Up Game!
The Amazing Spiderman Join the adventures of the the amazing Spiderman, based on the new hit movie. Do you have the skills to save the city?
The War Cry Stop the goblin invasion by using powerful moves and deadly spells!
Zombie Cats Be prepared for the rising of the Zombie Cats. Complete all levels by eliminating the threat by interacting with various objects around you.
Cats Cannon Smash the dogs using your cannon in the never ending feud of cats and dogs. Use each cat's skill to gain advantage.
Chicken House Kill the chicken and destroy their eggs with different items from the screen. Play Chicken House and cause mayhem.
Effing Machines Protect the portal by shooting down those machines. Purchase powerful weapons and thrash the opposing force.
Wheely 2 Wheely is out there again for yet another adventure! This time as Wheely manages to get out of the dealership, he meets the most beautiful car he ever laid his eyes upon! Help them get together and live happily.
Find The Candy It's time for a snack, but where's that sneaky candy?! Move Objects around you to find that elusive little treat! Collect stars as you do so to earn maximum points!
Weapon Protect the copter as you shoot down your enemies in this wonderful first person shooter game, upgrade your weapons to successfully protect your team mate.
Long Way TD Protect your bulls against bandits, vandals, and many more in this challenging wild-west themed tower defense game.
Blosics 2 An improved version to the addicting game. Blast the blocks off your screen in this addicting physics game.
Cocktail Master Serve your customers with the drinks they wanted as fast as you can and be the best bartender in town!
Bubble Shooter Bubble Shooter has finally arrived. There are many versions out there, but none of them is like the original one. Pop each ball until there are none left.
Goodgame Empire Start with a small wooden castle and build your way up to a powerful empire that will rule the world!
Tetris Returns Tetris has returned in a new and improved form. Enjoy this classic game in its online version.
Diner Dash Manage your restaurant and keep your customers happy. Prove you can be a great business owner in this fun game.